Simple management, maintenance, localization and planning

Manage operating resources smartly and safely

Secure identification with the smartphone

All data and information always and everywhere available

As a native app or in the web browser

More than 9,000 companies, cities and municipalities manage their resources with PVS

The most important functions at a glance

Manage customer and product data
Dates and product documentation
Product localization / asset tracking
Coordination, inventory and repair
Fast product identification
Borrowing and returning

Solutions for an efficient workflow

Cross-industry solution for managing your operating resources. With our innovative app, you can efficiently organize maintenance planning, inspection planning, inventory management, warehouse management and device management.

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This is what our customers say

Daniel Thut
Magazine Manager

In terms of management, PVS gives me control over what material we have, where the material is, whether the material has been checked... a huge amount of things that I can do with the system that we didn't have before. Today, this is a great relief. I no longer need paper because I can store everything in the system.

Roman Egli

We mainly use PVS to manage our brochure warehouse and for the annual inspection of our PPE and round slings. It is a valuable tool for our business and we are very satisfied with the features and performance of PVS. It is particularly advantageous for the mandatory annual examinations, as these can be entered into the PVS by the examiners themselves without any problems.

Viktor Eigenmann

The tool offers a clear user interface and a wide range of functions. I particularly appreciate the simple search function using a QR or NFC scan, which allows me to quickly find the information I need. GPS tracking is a real relief, especially when it comes to checking important elements such as hydrants.

Resource management made easy

Managing operating resources can quickly become a time-consuming and complex process. The app offers a user-friendly interface with which you can easily keep track of your operating resources and save all important information in one central location. Whether you want to manage your machines, tools or vehicles – PVS can be used for all operating resources, there are no limits.

Frequently asked questions & answers

PVS is a product management software that has a digital, self-explanatory, independent application. It ensures that you keep track of the products you manage and is therefore the best support for your daily work. Make your work easier with the PVS software for resource and article management!

Of course! You can test the PVS resource management software free of charge – for a full 30 days. Would you like to test maintenance planning and device testing with PVS? Go for it!

No, you don’t need a special browser. PVS equipment management can be used with all common browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera). But just like Microsoft, we no longer support Internet Explorer. You are therefore completely flexible when it comes to inventory and warehouse management with PVS

You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time. If you have any questions, book an appointment with our administration professional Hari. You can find contact details below.

With the PVS operations and product management software, checking and tracking your and loaned products is child’s play. When you use PVS, you support your employees and customers around the world and save yourself and your team time and money. The time-consuming process of collecting all the documents is also eliminated here. The app tells you what the current processing status is and what is due soon. With PVS, you can manage and check your products securely and successfully in no time at all using an NFC chip.

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