Software for efficient inventory management

With the PVS software you can keep track of your entire inventory. Get started now with the system-independent Saas solution app for inventory tracking and inventory management!

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"Your inventory in your pocket - with the digital multi-tool from PVS".

The most important functions at a glance

No more out-of-date inventory lists! With the inventory management of PVS you can easily manage your inventory and easily check the stocks in the clear inventory list. PVS is particularly versatile and can be easily configured to your needs.

Inventory list

Digital inventory lists

Updating inventory and stock can be done promptly, easily and anywhere with the app as soon as something changes. This ensures that everyone always has an up-to-date inventory and stock list.

Inventory documentation

Equipment documentation

In the app, you can assign all important documents such as operating and maintenance instructions, checklists, images, drawings, etc. to each product and view them at any time.

Inventory identification

Inventory identification

PVS allows you to quickly identify your inventory by scanning NFC tags or QR codes with your smartphone.

Inventory tracking


With PVS, you always have an overview of the location of your inventory. The integrated geo-tracking module always shows you where which equipment is located.

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Start now with inventory management software

You too can use the PVS inventory management software in your company. Click on the button below and enter your data into the form. Then you can start using PVS right away!

Why you should manage your inventory with PVS

Warehouse management app

Multiple users & rights

Collaborate efficiently: your whole team can use the PVS inventory management app simultaneously. This doesn’t just save valuable time, but the PVS access management feature allows you to set specific access rights for team members.

Warehouse management app

System-independent software & mobile app

You can use the inventory app system-independently. Manage your inventory not only on the computer, but also on the tablet or simply with the mobile app. This gives you full flexibility - whether in the office, in the workshop or on the road.

Multilingual platform

Multilingual platform (EN/DE/FR/IT)

If you work with an international team, feel assured that the app is available in 4 languages. Don't settle on a single language in your company, and offer your staff more freedom when managing inventory.



Inventory made smart. You can configure the view of your inventory lists yourself and flexibly define the properties of your inventory and adapt them to your needs.

Inventory management

Your digital multi-tool

High quality and clean software are particularly important to PVS. When you choose PVS, you benefit from an individually configurable diversity in the application. Inventory management works smoothly with the digital multi-tool.


Targeted software to solve your problems

PVS is more than just a spontaneous idea. The software was born out of a need, because no suitable software existed for the management of operating resources. With PVS you have an ingenious solution.

The PVS app can therefore do much more than you think, has a high quality and can be configured to your needs. This means that any device or resource can be easily and completely mapped.

PVS – more than just digital inventory management

Clear inventory management makes things easier and more efficient. Now you can find your inventory list on your tablet, computer or cell phone. With PVS digital inventory management you not only save time, but also avoid misunderstandings, downtime, unsafe equipment and much more. Switch to the digital version of inventory management and come to PVS.

Lending and return

Inventory loans & returns

With PVS you can borrow equipment. The information about each resource shows you whether it is ready for use. You will be notified when the return is overdue and see who has borrowed the equipment.

Testing and maintenance

Electrical device testing and maintenance

The measurement results and test results from the electrical device test can be assigned to the device in the PVS as a protocol. This ensures that it is stored and available for a device and the tests and protocols required for it in one place.

Manage clients and calendars

Manage clients and calendars

As well as organising your inventory, you can also manage your customers and calendars. The app will prevent double bookings and other admin errors. Let the PVS software do all the work so you can focus on what’s important – caring for your customers.

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Inventory management for any industry

Worried that the PVS inventory management software isn’t suitable for your industry? No worries – our app is suitable almost everywhere, no matter the type of industry or inventory.

Manage inventory

IT: Managing hardware inventory

If you’re the CEO of an IT company or run a computer repair shop, use PVS hardware management software. Simply assign specific equipment to customers, or create repair logs. Manage your entire hardware inventory in just a few taps, thanks to PVS.


Construction companies: Building equipment inventory

As a builder, you can easily track all your equipment and machines with the PVS inventory app. Save instruction manuals and monitor equipment loans and returns. PVS is the ideal way to manage inventory for your tools, vehicles and construction equipment. Choose PVS: the inventory management app for everyone!

Inventory fire department

Fire brigades: Vital equipment inventory 

As a unit leader, its crucial to keep track of all emergency equipment used for firefighting, such as compressed air cylinders, breathing apparatus and trucks. Use PVS to manage your inventory lists so you know where everything is – no matter the emergency.

Inventory helper photo studio

Video & photography studios: handy equipment inventory 

In a video/photography studio, it’s vital to keep track of all your equipment. As a photographer, you need to know which cameras are on hand, or which need to be charged. Let PVS keep track of it all, so you always have the right camera for the job.

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