Inventory software: inventories made simple

Thanks to the inventory software from PVS, you can keep track of your entire inventory. Get started now with the system-independent inventory management and inventory app!

Inventory software for efficient inventory management
"Keep your inventory in your pocket – with the digital PVS Swiss army knife".

All the most important features of inventory software at a glance

Struggling with chaotic inventory lists? Now you can manage everything smoothly with our inventory software from PVS. Check your stock, create equipment lists, and build and manage inventories. This mobile app makes inventory maintenance an absolute cinch. The PVS software is versatile and flexible: Define and enjoy additional features to optimise your inventory.

Inventory list

Digital inventory lists

Do you and your team keep misplacing inventory lists? Then the PVS app is exactly what you need! Use the PVS app as a handy inventory assistant, and always have your inventory in your pocket.

Inventory documentation

Equipment documentation

Simplify your inventory with a product database. Store all manuals and documentation for your assets in the PVS inventory software. Keep everything in one central place and make things easier to find.

Inventory identification

Inventory identification

The PVS software helps you quickly identify all the assets in your inventory in different ways: NFC chip, bar code and QR code. On your computer, tablet or smartphone – identify things wherever you are.

Inventory tracking

Inventory tracking

Make the most of this digital solution with its GPS tracking module to find specific equipment. Always have an overview of where your equipment is located – the ideal aid for managing inventory.

Insight into the PVS software
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Start now with inventory management software

You too can use the PVS inventory management software in your company. Click on the button below and enter your data into the form. Then you can start using PVS right away!

Why the PVS app is your perfect inventory assistant

Warehouse management app

Manage access for multiple users

Collaborate efficiently: your whole team can use the PVS inventory management app simultaneously. This doesn’t just save valuable time, but the PVS access management feature allows you to set specific access rights for team members.

Warehouse management app

System-independent software & mobile app

Use this handy inventory app on any system or device. You can manage your inventory not just on a PC or laptop, but also on a tablet or smartphone via the mobile app. Enjoy complete flexibility – whether you’re in the office, your workshop or on the road.

Multilingual platform

Multilingual platform (EN/DE/FR/IT)

If you work with an international team, feel assured that the app is available in 4 languages. Don't settle on a single language in your company, and offer your staff more freedom when managing inventory.



Inventory made beautiful. Design your inventory structure and user interface exactly how you want it. Benefit from flexibility when tailoring your inventory to your particular equipment for ideal asset management.

Inventory management

Your digital Swiss army knife

High quality and clean software are the core tenets for us at PVS. This inventory management software works as smoothly as a digital Swiss army knife. Choose PVS to benefit from trademark Swiss quality.


Targeted software to solve your problems

PVS wasn’t just a random idea. This inventory software was born out of an acute need, since no decent software existed to help manage assets and equipment. PVS offers the perfect solution for managing inventory systems and creating stock lists.

The PVS app is so much more than just simple inventory software. It offers high quality features that are flexible and versatile.

PVS – more than just digital inventory management

Leave confusing inventory lists in the past and use the PVS app instead. Access your inventory from all your devices, be it tablet, computer or smartphone. Go paperless and enter a digital world with this ideal PVS inventory management software. Save on time and valuable paper resources to make your business more environmentally sustainable. Switch to a digital inventory and manage your assets and equipment with PVS.

Lending and return

Inventory loans & returns

On top of the app’s many useful features, you can now also loan out items from inventory. With the PVS equipment inventory, you can ensure that you’ll never lose track of loaned out. With just one glance, you can see exactly where an item has been loaned out to.

Testing and maintenance

Electrical device testing and maintenance

Planning and organising aren’t your strong points? The one staff member you rely on for inventory is off sick? Use PVS to easily and reliably plan inspections. The ingenious software allows you to create and file inspection reports digitally, so you always know what’s going on.

Manage clients and calendars

Manage clients and calendars

As well as organising your inventory, you can also manage your customers and calendars. The app will prevent double bookings and other admin errors. Let the PVS software do all the work so you can focus on what’s important – caring for your customers.

Inventory management for any industry

Worried that the PVS inventory management software isn’t suitable for your industry? No worries – our app is suitable almost everywhere, no matter the type of industry or inventory.

Manage inventory

IT: Managing hardware inventory

If you’re the CEO of an IT company or run a computer repair shop, use PVS hardware management software. Simply assign specific equipment to customers, or create repair logs. Manage your entire hardware inventory in just a few taps, thanks to PVS.


Construction companies: Building equipment inventory

As a builder, you can easily track all your equipment and machines with the PVS inventory app. Save instruction manuals and monitor equipment loans and returns. PVS is the ideal way to manage inventory for your tools, vehicles and construction equipment. Choose PVS: the inventory management app for everyone!

Inventory fire department

Fire brigades: Vital equipment inventory 

As a unit leader, its crucial to keep track of all emergency equipment used for firefighting, such as compressed air cylinders, breathing apparatus and trucks. Use PVS to manage your inventory lists so you know where everything is – no matter the emergency.

Inventory helper photo studio

Video & photography studios: handy equipment inventory 

In a video/photography studio, it’s vital to keep track of all your equipment. As a photographer, you need to know which cameras are on hand, or which need to be charged. Let PVS keep track of it all, so you always have the right camera for the job.

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