Software for efficient Inventory Management

Keep an overview of your entire inventory with the PVS software. Get started now with the system-independent Saas solution app for inventory recording and inventory management!

The most important functions at a glance

No more out-of-date inventory lists! With PVS Inventory Management , you can easily manage your inventory and check your stock levels in the clearly organised inventory list. PVS is particularly versatile and can be easily configured to suit your needs.

Digital inventory list
The inventory and stock can be updated quickly, easily and anywhere using the app as soon as something changes. This ensures that everyone always has an up-to-date stock and inventory list.
Documentation of your devices
In the app, you can assign all important documents such as operating and maintenance instructions, checklists, images, drawings, etc. to each product and view them at any time.
Identification of your inventory
PVS allows you to quickly identify your inventory by scanning NFC tags or QR codes with your smartphone.
With PVS, you always have an overview of the location of your inventory. The integrated Geo-Tracking Module always shows you where each piece of equipment is located.

Inventory Management for almost any industry


Safety thanks to regular maintenance

PVS can also be utilised in IT. It supports you in maintaining your computer and thus reduces the chance of the software crashing. This means that you and your employees can work more efficiently and system failures are less frequent.

Construction company

Efficiency through device maintenance

Do you want to maintain your tools and electrical construction machines? Then join PVS! Our app helps you carry out your appliance maintenance professionally. Accidents at work can thus be prevented. Your prophylaxis against construction equipment and work stoppages.


Machine maintenance made easy

In industry, PVS excels in the maintenance of machines. Regular maintenance with PVS keeps your devices in better shape, which in turn increases your turnover.

Public Transport

Punctuality thanks to maintenance schedule

PVS also has a maintenance plan for means of transport. This reminds passengers of maintenance appointments for public transport and thus prevents cancellations and delays. PVS can also be utilised for infrastructure maintenance.

Get started with the Inventory Management Software now

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Why you should manage your inventory with PVS

Multiple users & rights

Several users can work in parallel with the PVS Inventory Management App. This not only saves time, but you can also use PVS rights management to set who should have which specific rights.

System-independent & mobile App

You can use the Inventory App regardless of the system. You can use the inventory app on any system.aManage your inventory not only on your computer, but also on your tablet or simply with the mobile app. This gives you complete flexibility – whether in the office, in the workshop or on the move.

Multilingual (DE/EN/FR/IT)

If you work with colleagues with different native languages, you can currently choose from 4 languages. This means you don’t have to agree on a “common language” within the company and offer your employees more freedom. Customisation


Inventory made smart. You can configure the view of your inventory lists yourself and flexibly define the properties of your inventory and adapt them to your needs.

Your digital multi-tool

High quality and clean software are particularly important to PVS. If you decide to go for PVS, you will benefit from an individually configurable variety of applications. Inventory management works smoothly with the digital multi-tool.

Software for a specific problem

PVS is more than just a spontaneous idea. The software arose from the need because there was no suitable software for managing operating resources. PVS is a brilliant solution.

PVS is more than just digital inventory management

Clear inventory management makes many things easier and more efficient. You can now find your inventory list on your tablet, computer or mobile phone. With digital Inventory Management from PVS, you not only save time, but also avoid misunderstandings, downtimes, unsafe equipment and much more. Switch to the digital version of inventory maintenance and come to PVS.

Lending and returning of your inventory

With PVS you can borrow operating resources. The information for each piece of equipment shows you whether it is ready for use. You will be notified when the return is overdue and can see who has borrowed the equipment.

Testing and maintenance of electrical devices

The measurement results and test results from the electrical appliance test can be assigned to the appliance as a protocol in the PVS. This ensures that the necessary tests and protocols for a device are stored and available in one place.

Appointments and customer management

In addition to the inventory, you can also manage your customers and appointments. This avoids double bookings and reduces organisational errors. This allows you to look after your customers more intensively and build a stronger bond with them.

Collaborate on how digital inventory management can optimise your workflow

Simply book a free appointment with our customer advisor. The individual requirements and which modules are needed can be discussed together. You have questions about the workflow or functions? We are happy to help.

Hari Karunarathnam

customer advisor