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Keep an eye on your warehouse with PVS warehouse management software and track incoming and outgoing goods via the efficient and innovative warehouse management system


The most important functions at a glance

Incoming, outgoing and transfer postings of products? Start controlling your warehouse now by creating a materials list via the app.
and manage them. Finally, simple digital warehouse management software that makes planning and maintaining products child’s play. Benefit from the enormous flexibility and variety of the PVS warehouse management app.

Create a digital materials list
Your material list is constantly disappearing or simply not available up to date? With the PVS warehouse management software, you have important Information about your material is always available digitally via the app in your pocket.
Quick identification of important items via app
Convenient, simple and lightning-fast, you can identify specific pallets and products in your warehouse. Scan with the NFC chip stored in the PVS warehouse management software or bar/QR code and find relevant products via your Computer or your smartphone.
Document material inputs and outputs
A warehouse management system with an integrated product database that brings together everything important in one app. So you and Your employees don't spend time searching for material. Griffin in your pocket and call up important information in just a few seconds. instructions, delivery bills or orders.
Easy digital warehouse planning
Take your warehouse management to a new level! With the digital warehouse planning from PVS, you know with just one look at your smartphone where specific material is located. About You can read our warehouse management software precisely: in which warehouse, shelf, stack or in which row your Product lies.

Start now with the PVS Warehouse management app!

You too can use the PVS warehouse management app in your
Company. Klicken Sie auf die Schaltfläche unten und geben Sie Ihre Daten in das Formular ein. You can then work directly with PVS through

Why you need PVS to take your business to bring forward

User & rights management

You and your employees can work with the PVS app at the same time. You can also define which user has which rights and who is authorised to manage your maintenance appointments.

System-independent & mobile App

You can use the maintenance software regardless of the system. Manage your inventory not only on your computer, but also on your tablet or simply with the mobile App. This gives you complete flexibility – whether in the office, in the workshop or on the move.

Multilingual (DE/EN/FR/IT)

PVS is currently available in four languages: German, English, French and Italian. So there is no problem if employees with different native languages work in your company.


The standard doesn’t suit you or is too confusing for you? You can configure the PVS user interface to suit your individual preferences and set up your maintenance plan as you wish.

Swiss software, Swiss quality

PVS is a Swiss maintenance software. With PVS, you get maintenance software that is as precise as a Swiss watch, as versatile as a Swiss army knife and as sophisticated as Swiss cheese.

Software for a specific problem

PVS wasn’t a crazy idea. Rather, the maintenance software arose from a need. Before its development, there was no all-in-one Saas solution on the market like the PVS app.

PVS is more than just a digital maintenance planner App

In addition to maintenance management, you can also use PVS to take an inventory of your equipment, lend it out or identify it using an NFC or QR code. The digital maintenance software from PVS therefore supports you in all areas relating to the management of your equipment – whether electrical appliances or machines.

Lending & Returning

With PVS you can borrow operating resources. The information for each piece of equipment shows you whether it is ready for use. You will be notified when the return is overdue and can see who has borrowed the equipment. When you return it, you can record its condition and decide whether it should be repaired, checked or loaned out again.

Inventory Management

With the PVS app, you can easily keep track of different types of equipment. Sophisticated filter functions allow you to quickly and easily call up information on their condition, availability, next maintenance and location. This allows you to manage your inventory efficiently.

Tracking & Identification

Thanks to the Geo-Tracking Module, you can see the current location of your equipment and devices equipped with trackers. For devices with a fixed location, the geo-location is specified in the product description and is visible on the map. To avoid confusion, the equipment is fitted with QR codes or NFC tags that can be easily identified by scanning.

Customer Management

In addition to the functions mentioned above, PVS also allows you to manage your customers. This allows you to keep track of a large number of customers at all times and save valuable time. Never lose track of your customers again – thanks to PVS’s comprehensive customer management.

Maintenance app for practically every industry

Fire department

Always keep an overview of important equipment

As the incident commander, you are responsible for important equipment such as compressed air cylinders, breathing apparatus and your rescue vehicles. With the PVS warehouse management system, you have an overview of important equipment and can concentrate 100% on your team.

Construction company

Efficiency through device maintenance

Do you want to maintain your tools and electrical construction machines? The PVS app supports you in carrying out your device maintenance. Accidents at work can thus be prevented. Your prophylaxis against construction equipment and work stoppages.


Easily monitor warehouse and products

Is your everyday life particularly hectic because your patients are treated every minute? With digital stock management from PVS, you don't have to worry about important medical products (syringes, corona tests or masks) because the app keeps track of everything for you. Easily set up analysis and ECG devices or ultrasound systems via NFC and be automatically informed when maintenance is required.


Simple warehouse management for transportation and shipping

Our PVS warehouse management software organizes your chaos and gives you an overview. Do you have a large logistics fleet, many warehouse locations and complex storage of a wide variety of shelves, pallets and individual products? No problem, our app adapts to your individual needs and simplifies your warehouse management.

Thinking together about how warehouse management software & system can optimize your workflow

Simply book a free appointment with our customer advisor. The individual requirements and which modules are needed can be discussed together. You have questions about the workflow or functions? We are happy to help.

Hari Karunarathnam

customer advisor