Efficient device management with the digital tool management software

Efficient equipment management: With the tool management software you can easily keep track of all your machines and equipment!

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"PVS fits comfortably in your pocket like a Swiss Army Knife."

Save time and money using the key features of our Tool Management Software

Did you misplace a tool again or did a colleague take it to the building site? With our innovative Tool Management Software and app, you can easily keep track of all your equipment via smartphone.

Digital tool management

Save time and effort with our DAM Tool Management Software

Don’t need a machine on your construction site any longer? It doesn’t have to stay idle in your warehouse! Save time on project management with this construction app: your team can pass on information quickly via mobile to keep tools in use.

Construction site app

Fully automated maintenance planner included on this construction site app

Missed any maintenance appointments or equipment checks? Never worry about that again! Keep automatically up to date with our construction app: machines remain operational for longer, reducing the risk of accidents. The ideal project and site management software.

Manage machines

Manage your machines at a glance

Use an NFC/QR code to manage all your tools and equipment. Quickly access all your device information (inventory, invoices, maintenance, certificates). App activity tracking shows exactly who has used it and where.

Real-time tracking

Billing via real-time tracking

Fully digitise your construction site to track all your equipment, machines and tools in real time. This helps you record operating times more accurately, so you can bill your clients the right amount.

Experience all the advantages of our DAM Software – get a 30-day free trial!

Still not sure if our DAM software is a good fit for your business? Try a 30-day free trial to see how easily you can log all your work equipment and staff on our job site app. Benefit from all our smart processes for an entire month.

Why the PVS Tool Management Software is perfect for you and your business

Access management

Effective teamwork by managing app access

Collaborate more efficiently: your staff can use the app simultaneously to manage machines on the go. Just set up individual user access and delegate responsibility.

tool management software

Manage your most important machines and devices in real-time

Use our Tool Management Software to see exactly where your machines are and save time in an emergency. If you need a tool at short notice on a job site, your staff can quickly get updates on its availability, straight to the mobile app.

Multilingual platform

Multilingual platform (EN/DE/FR/IT)

Does your company operate all over the world? In just one click, you can set our digital Tool Management App to your desired language and give your international team members easy access.


Tailored to your needs

Depending on the exact needs of your business, you can customise the User Interface of the construction site app. Get all the information you need, quickly and easily, straight to your chosen device.

Swiss Software & Quality

Your digital Swiss army knife

Just like a Swiss army knife, our PVS Tool Management Software offers the highest quality and the best variety of features. Miles ahead if its competitors, it’s the No. 1 in the field of DAM and construction tool management apps.

tool management software

App-based Tool Management

Our Tool Management mobile app works seamlessly on all systems: access it from your office, on site, or on-the-go via your tablet or smartphone.

Our PVS Tool Management Software combines the most important functions and features to manage all your assets, be they machines, tools or devices. Use your building site equipment more effectively and profitably; trust our digital asset management app.

PVS is more than just Tool Management Software

Have you ever lost track of where a device or machine is in your warehouse? Are they spread across different lorries and building sites?Thanks to our PVS Tool Management Software, you’ll never have to deal with this again! Forget about confusing paperwork – switch to app-based asset and project management. Save valuable time, while also being more sustainable for our environment.

Loans & Return

Manage loans and returns of all your tools

Use our digital tool management to loan out idle machines and build another income stream. Keep track of it all with your mobile app, which gives you a clear overview of all the tools on loan.

Stock & Inventory Management

Access for your whole team

The PVS Tool Management Software makes teamwork a cinch. All your staff can have simultaneous access to manage company equipment. Just set up access rights to delegate more responsibility and optimise cooperation.

Tracking & Identification

Manage clients and calendars

As well as device management, you can also organise all company clients and calendars. Avoid double bookings and administrative errors. Focus on building your customer relationships, and the PVS Tool Management App will take care of the rest.

Complete asset management: Keep track of tools and machines for construction, trade and industry firms

Not sure if our PVS Tool Management Software is the right fit for your specific industry? Thanks to our app’s universal design, it can be used across all industries and tailored to your exact needs.

Real-time tracking of construction machinery

Construction companies: Digitise your building site with real-time tracking of all your machines

With our building site manager, you can avoid idle down-times for your construction machinery – use our building site mobile app to check exactly which machines are needed and where. Use your machines in the most effective way to meet your targets and lower your spending.

Manage machines and tools

Trade businesses: Manage all your machines and tools with ease

Whether you’re a carpenter or electrician, it’s easy to lose track of all the tools and machines you have. In the worst-case scenario, you may forget important maintenance dates. With the PVS tradesman software, you can easily manage all your tools, and receive handy reminders of all your important appointments.

Janitor App

Facility management: Keep a clear overview of all your tools with the Janitor App

Use the Janitor App to easily manage and monitor all the tools and devices at a property. Make your day-to-day operations as efficient as possible, and save time and money with our tool management software.

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