Warehouse management made easy

Efficient warehouse management software with innovative warehouse management system

Keep an eye on your stock with PVS warehouse management software and track warehouse receipts and issues via the efficient and innovative warehouse management system.

Warehouse management software with innovative warehouse management systemManage operating resourcesItem management app
"Keep your warehouse inventory and management in your pocket – with this digital PVS Swiss army knife."

Save time and money with the most important functions of our warehouse management software

Receipts, issues and transfers of products? Start controlling your inventory now by creating and managing a material list via the app. Finally, a simple digital warehouse management software that makes planning and maintaining products a breeze. Take advantage of the enormous flexibility and variety of the PVS inventory management app.

Material list

Create a digital equipment and supplies list

Are your inventory lists constantly disappearing or just not up to date? With the PVS warehouse management software, you can keep all the vital info in your pocket. Our WMS keeps your most important information digitally accessible on the app.

Bearing documentation

Log incoming and outgoing goods

This warehouse management system (WMS) offers an integrated product database, uniting crucial features in one app. Ensure that you and your team no longer waste time searching for materials. Just reach into your pocket and find all your instructions, delivery notes and orders in the blink of an eye.

Bearing identification

Quickly ID important items with the app

Identify specific pallets and products in your warehouse in a flash. Just scan the stored NFC chip or barcode/QR code with the PVS warehouse management app and find the relevant products with your computer or smartphone.

Warehouse tracking

Simple digital warehouse planning

Take your warehouse management to the next level! The PVS digital stock planning feature lets you know where specific material is with just a single glance. This WMS lets any warehouse manager find exactly which site, shelf, stack or row your product is in with barcode warehouse management on the app.

Start your free 30-day trial of the PVS warehouse management app now!

Still not sure if our digital PVS warehouse management app is right for your business? Then try it for yourself and download your 30-day trial. Feel free to test all the features and benefits of our warehouse management software and see how it revolutionises your business.

Why you need PVS to move your business forward

Warehouse management app

A mobile app that works on all systems

Our warehouse management software is designed to work on all operating systems. Access your warehouse data quickly and seamlessly on your tablet, PC, laptop or smartphone. Enjoy tremendous flexibility and check important stock levels on the go.

Digital warehouse management

Real-time access to your warehouse via the app

With this digital warehouse management system, feel assured that you can always see exactly where your equipment is. Save valuable time in an emergency. Need a tool on a building site at short notice? Your team can quickly use the app to find out if its available.

Multilingual platform

Multilingual platform (EN/DE/FR/IT)

Does your company operate internationally? In just one click, you can set this digital warehouse management app to your required language. If your team includes foreign experts, they can also be quickly trained to use your digital WMS in their native language.

Legal Administration

Teamwork and access management

Make your company’s teamwork more efficient by giving different users simultaneous access to the PVS warehouse management app. You can easily allocate access rights to your team and define tasks and responsibilities.


Tailored to your needs

Adapt the user interface of this WMS app to the exact needs of your company. Design your personalised UI to quickly access stock levels or information on your product database to seamlessly manage your warehouse inventory.


Your digital Swiss army knife

We regularly monitor our warehouse management software to ensure that the features are working without a hitch. Always have access to your warehouse, 24/7 and no matter where you are. Rely on our trademark Swiss quality with this ingenious Swiss army knife of an app.

Our PVS warehouse management app goes far beyond the features offered by other WMS. Our extended range of features gives warehouse managers huge flexibility to tackle warehouse inventory problems, stock planning, and so much more.

PVS can do more than just digital warehouse management

Is your warehouse in chaos because unclear inventory and material lists make work difficult for you and your employees? With digital warehouse management from PVS, you have digitized important material lists and have quick access via your tablet, smartphone or computer. By the way, you also save important resources of our environment and make an important contribution to sustainability together with PVS!

Testing and maintenance

Easy testing and maintenance

If planning and organisation aren’t your strong points, then let the PVS digital WMS do the work for you. Manage your warehouse with ease and let the app help you schedule timely inspections and maintenance. Then easily create and file  digital inspection reports, to always have a full overview of your warehouse inventory.

Manage appointments and customers

Manage appointments and customers with CRM

Alongside the powerful warehouse management system, you can schedule appointments with ease. Use the Customer Relationship Management feature to manage customers and avoid double bookings or administrative errors. Concentrate on what’s truly important and build loyal client relationships. The PVS Warehouse Management System will take care of the rest.

A digital warehouse management system for every industry

Does your business need modern warehouse management via app? Thanks to the PVS universal design and ideal customisability, the PVS warehouse management system works for all industries to make all inventory processes more efficient.

Material management

Construction companies: Efficient material management for your warehouse

The PVS Warehouse Management System offers the perfect app to digitally keep track of important building equipment, machines and tools – all in real time. In just one tap, you can find out what equipment has been loaned out or returned. Manage everything, from vehicles to machinery to tools, all in one handy app!

Warehouse management program

Retail: Simple and clear product management

Whether you’re an online or brick-and-mortar retailer, PVS offers the best solution to digitally managing perishable and non-perishable inventory – all in real time. Use the PVS warehouse management app to keep track of large stock quantities across different warehouses – with just one app.

Warehouse management system fire department

Fire brigades: Always keep track of vital equipment

As a unit leader, you’re responsible for a wide variety of crucial equipment: ranging from compressed air cylinders, to breathing apparatus, and your rescue vehicles. The PVS WMS gives you a quick and complete overview of all your equipment so you can concentrate on your team 100%.

Stock practice

Healthcare: Easily monitor your clinic’s inventory

Is your daily routine hectic and full of patients to treat? Rely on the PVS digital stock management app, so you never have to worry about where your vital medical stock is (e.g., syringes, COVID tests or masks). Let the app keep an eye on inventory, while you take care of patients. Easily register new analysis and ECG devices or ultrasound systems via NFC. Special app features automatically remind you when maintenance is needed.

Simple warehouse management logistics

Logistics: Simple warehouse management for transport and freight forwarding

Let our PVS warehouse management software organise your chaos and give you a clear overview. Are you in charge of a large logistics fleet, multiple warehouse locations and complex storage systems? Need to keep track of various racks, pallets and individual products? No problem – the PVS app adapts to your specific needs and simplifies your warehouse management.

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