Test planning that is fun!

The device testing software for efficient test planning

Our PVS device testing software offers the ideal tool to plan system tests. Easily schedule and organise tests or repairs on your devices, electrical systems and portable equipment. The software offers digital test planning with automated reminders to ensure that all your tests are done on time, with all the documentation at the ready.

Device testing software for efficient test planningManage operating resourcesItem management app

Meet the powerful features of our PVS test planning software

Our PVS test planning software offers a wide range of powerful tools that help you plan and organise tests and repairs for all your electrical systems and mobile devices. Use this customisable and flexible user interface to quickly create digital test reports and test strategies.

PVS offers speed and efficiency to make your system and equipment testing even more agile!

Test protocols

Digital test reports

Keep track of any defects and repairs to your electrical systems and portable equipment with our digital test reports. Access crucial documentation on-the-go from your smartphone or tablet.

Test dates

Schedule test dates and intervals

Our PVS inspection planning software is the best way to manage and schedule inspection intervals and dates. Handy reminders keep you apprised of upcoming inspections, and you can digitally manage inspection deadlines. Never forget appointments ever again.

Test planning

Efficient inspection planning

Seamlessly organise inspection planning with the PVS app and customisable checklists. PVS keeps a record of all your documentation, whether it’s for your machines, systems or equipment. Go paperless and access everything wherever you are.

Start a free trial of the PVS test planning tool now

The best way to get to know our agile test planning tools are to give them a try. So what are you waiting for? Get a free 30-day trial and hit the ground running. Start using our test planning software now for your business – with no obligation and no need to provide payment details.

Why the PVS app is the best for your device testing

Access management

Access management

Collaborate efficiently: your whole team can use the PVS app simultaneously. Customise access rights for individual staff members, and decide which colleagues are authorised to manage upcoming inspection deadlines.

System-independent software & mobile app

Also available as a mobile and tablet app

Use our test planning software wherever you are and across all your devices. Receive reminders of any upcoming inspection dates – whether you’re in the office, on site, or on-the go. Always have your inspection plan at hand.

Multilingual platform

Multilingual platform

PVS is currently available in four languages: English, German, French and Italian. If you have a diverse workforce with international team members, feel assured that everyone can use PVS in their native language.



Standard software too basic for you? The PVS app and software user interface is completely customisable to any and all of your needs. Set your preferences and plan software and hardware tests exactly as you want.

Swiss Software & Quality

Swiss precision meets powerful features

PVS is Swiss-made test planning software that’s as precise as a Swiss watch, as useful as a Swiss army knife and as sophisticated as Swiss cheese. PVS helps you keep everything under control, from planning to documentation, all with the reassurance of the trademark Swiss quality.


Targeted software to solve your problems

PVS wasn’t just a random idea – it’s the perfect software to tackle specific problems. Before the PVS app, there was no all-in-one solution of its kind on the market. It’s the dawn of a new hero: the PVS Test Planning Software!

Device inspections are faster and easier thanks to our agile PVS software. Its numerous features all work together to support you and your business – all to make your life easier. Use the PVS app to manage and schedule your device inspections, and save valuable time!

PVS – more than just a digital test planner

PVS is more than just digital inspection planning software. With PVS, you can also inventory all of your equipment, rent it out, or identify devices using NFC or QR codes. PVS test plan tool supports you in all areas of asset management – across the industrial and private sector, and for all electrical systems, machines or devices.

Loans & Return

Loans & Return

PVS gives you the option to loan out your equipment through your test planning inventory. Thanks to the app’s clear and extensive logging, you can immediately see if a particular product is available or if it has been loaned out.

Stock & Inventory Management

Stock & Inventory Management

The PVS app offers the perfect tool to check both your inventory and locations of equipment via your test plans. In addition, the PVS app keeps all your certifications and documentation safely in one place.

Tracking & Identification

Tracking & Identification

This handy testing automation tool helps you quickly find any of your equipment thanks to the integrated GPS module. Together with the scanner – whether you’re using an NFC, QR code or barcode – you can find any device in your inspection plan within seconds.

CRM Customer relations management

CRM Customer relations management

Alongside all these useful features, the PVS testing management software allows you to also manage your customers. Never lose track of any clients ever again – and save previous time. It’s all possible with the PVS app.

Testing software for all industries

PVS inspection software is the perfect all-rounder. Its powerful functions and user-friendly interface make it the best for equipment testing management in almost any industry.


IT: Better security through regular testing

PVS device testing software is the perfect tool for IT. Not only does it support computers and software testing and upkeep, it greatly reduces the risk of system crashes. The PVS testing platform helps you and your team get your work done efficiently. System failures will be a thing of the past.

Equipment testing

Construction companies: Better efficiency through equipment testing

Want to check and test all your tools and electrical construction equipment? Then just use PVS! This test planning app helps you keep a professional overview of your equipment and assets. Prevent accidents or downtime at work by using PVS to regularly test and maintain your construction equipment.

Plant maintenance

Industry: Facility inspections made simple

The PVS app shines when used to manage machinery and equipment inspections. Regularly maintain and test your assets with PVS to keep them in the best shape – and marvel at how this increases your turnover.

Test plan

Public transport: better punctuality with a test schedule

PVS now also offers inspection management templates for the transport industry. This testing schedule reminds you of vital inspection dates, preventing costly cancellations and delays in public transport systems. In addition, PVS test planning software can also help maintain infrastructure.

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