Maintenance planning software

Digital maintenance planning with PVS software

With the PVS maintenance planning software, you can easily organise repairs and maintenance for all your tools and equipment. Go digital with your maintenance schedule to ensure you always have the right certificates and documentation on hand.

Maintenance Planner Software for Digital Maintenance Planning
"The PVS Maintenance Planner fits snugly in your pocket like a Swiss Army Knife."

All the vital features of the PVS CMMS maintenance software at a glance

Our maintenance tracking software helps you plan upkeep work and create digital maintenance schedules. Thanks to the customisable user interface, suitable for all systems, planning repairs and maintenance becomes child's play. With PVS, maintenance management is a breeze!

Maintenance planning

Easy maintenance

The PVS app lets you organise all your equipment maintenance via tailored checklists. Never forget a step ever again. Go paperless and still have all your vital asset documentation at hand.

Test dates

Define maintenance intervals

Set the intervals for crucial maintenance appointments and customise them to your needs for all your devices and machines. Schedule preventive maintenance with your service technicians for the ideal upkeep.

Test protocols

Share maintenance schedules

The PVS app makes it a cinch to organise maintenance plans with individual checklists. Never forget a step ever again. Go paperless but still have all your vital asset documentation to hand with this CMMS.

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Start your maintenance planning now

You too can use the PVS software for maintenance planning in your company. Click on the button below and enter your data in the form. After that you can start directly with PVS!

Why you too should use the PVS app for all your maintenance planning

Access management

Access management

Collaborate more efficiently: your staff can use the PVS app simultaneously to manage machines on the go. Define which team members have access to what, and who has authorisation to manage future maintenance appointments.

System-independent software & mobile app

Also available as a mobile and tablet app

Use the PVS maintenance management software across all your devices. The app will send you timely reminders of upcoming maintenance appointments – whether you’re in the office, on site, or on-the-go. Always have your maintenance schedule to hand.

Multilingual platform

Multilingual platform

PVS is currently available in four languages: English, German, French and Italian. If you have a diverse workforce with international team members, feel assured that everyone can use PVS in their native language.



Standard software too basic for you? The PVS user interface is completely customisable to any and all of your needs. Set up your maintenance schedule and track exactly what you want, how you want.

Swiss Software & Quality

Swiss software, Swiss quality

PVS is Swiss-made maintenance software. Enjoy all the benefits of this CMMS software that’s as precise as a Swiss watch, as useful as a Swiss army knife, and as sophisticated as Swiss cheese.


Targeted software to solve your problems

PVS wasn't just a random idea – it’s a targeted computerised maintenance management system that arose from a specific need. Before PVS, there was no all-in-one solution of its kind on the market.

Maintenance planning can be made more efficient – quickly and easily thanks to the PVS app. Multiple helpful features support your work and make your life easier. Use the PVS app for all your maintenance scheduling needs and save valuable time!

PVS is more than just a digital maintenance planner software

Alongside maintenance management, PVS helps you build an asset inventory, keep track of loan, or identify devices using NFC or QR codes. PVS digital CMMS software can supports you in all your asset management needs – whether its electrical equipment, industrial plants or machinery.

Loans & Return

Loans & Return

PVS gives you the option of loaning out your equipment via a maintenance schedule. With clear and extensive logging, you can immediately see where equipment has been loaned to, and when it will be available once more.

Stock & Inventory Management

Stock & Inventory Management

The PVS app is the ideal way to control inventory and equipment for seamless maintenance scheduling and asset tracking. In addition, the PVS app keeps all your certifications and documentation safely in one place.

Tracking & Identification

Tracking & Identification

This handy CMMS software helps you get to all your locations quickly with its integrated GPS module. Together with the scanner – whether you’re using an NFC QR code or a barcode – you can find your equipment from your maintenance plan within seconds.

CRM Customer relations management

CRM Customer relations management

Alongside all these useful features, PVS helps you manage customers too, in addition to maintenance scheduling. Never lose track of your many clients again, and save precious time. It’s all possible with the PVS app.

A maintenance app for every industry

PVS is the perfect all-rounder in terms of maintenance apps. Its diverse and sleek functions make it the best enterprise management software for almost every industry.


IT: PVS offers better security through regular maintenance of all your IT systems. 

PVS offers better security through regular maintenance of all your IT systems. Maintain your computers and reduce the risk of software crashes. With this easy-to-use preventive maintenance app, you and team can work more efficiently. System failures will be a thing of the past.

Equipment testing

Construction companies: Better efficiency through equipment maintenance

Want to keep a clear overview when maintaining all your tools and construction machinery? Then use PVS! Our app helps you keep track of all your assets in a professional database. Prevent accidents at work; PVS maintenance is the best precaution against equipment and system failures.

Plant maintenance

Industry: Facility maintenance made simple

The PVS app shines when used in factories and construction sites – the ideal way to maintain your equipment as well as your facilities. Regular maintenance with PVS keeps your devices and sites in better condition – so you can increase your sales.

Test plan

Public transport: better punctuality with a maintenance schedule

PVS also offers vehicle maintenance scheduling. Let the software remind you of crucial maintenance appointments for public transport. Prevent costly cancellations and delays. In addition, PVS facilities tracking also helps you maintain infrastructure.

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